What our clients are saying...

Joe is outstanding at what he does. I had a ton of knots and Joe stretched me out with some deep tissue massage. He was very professional and knowledgeable about his craft. I needed a therapeutic massage to relieve tension and that’s what I got. It was better than other rehab massages that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort so it was just perfect. He can come to you and the price is well worth it!
— Nima S, Los Angeles

I’m so thrilled to have found Joe! I injured my back 8 years ago, and have been dealing with lower back pain ever since. I’ve tried physical therapy, chiropractors, and frequent massage therapy, but the pain has always come back. Since beginning a corporate career (involving long hours of sitting at a desk) a year ago, my back pain has gotten significantly worse. Additionally, I’ve had increasing neck and jaw pain. After seeing the positive reviews of Joe on Yelp, I gave him a call. He came over to my condo and led me through a series of exercises, stretches, and massage. He was extremely professional. The relief was immediate. I highly recommend Joe!
— Jenna F, Miami, FL

I’m in finance in my early thirties and am a slave to the desk. Unfortunately, that takes a serious toll on my neck and back. But the good news is I found Joe! I’ve been seeing Joe now for a little over a month (about 4 sessions) and I’ve never felt better! I’m literally feeling like a new person. He’s taught me exercises to do at home as well on extra long work days. Highly recommend!
— Katherine S, Manhattan, NY

Joseph was amazing! i woke up with a crank in my neck and walked out with none. He helped in so many ways. Felt like a new person when I stood up. I would most definately recommend him!
— Dalia, New York, NY

in my sport , bodybuilding , you learn to appreciate your posture and stretching if you want to stay healthy and avoid injury , I tried various places and professionals , but Joseph Pallo was a huge help for me and my progress!
— Roni, Miami Beach